Tips for using Psych4Schools resources and services at school

February 7, 2012

Browse or search the website

Select resources that are relevant to your students. You can also share key strategies with others, and provide a single hard copy of an ebooklet to a parent or teacher in regards to their child or student.

Keep an online notebook of good practice for the classroom

Cut and paste key strategies you think will be most useful every day in the classroom for whole class management into a Word document. Print the document and leave it in a prominent place such as on your desk for easy reference.

Create Individual education plans (IEPs) quickly and easily

Use the recommendations from the ebooklets to assist you with identifying goals and planning strategies. Do this by highlighting the strategies that apply to the child in the relevant ebooklet and click copy. Cut and paste these strategies into your IEP and modify as required.

Create behaviour management plans that work

Step 1. Read and follow our guide to creating an effective behaviour management plan.

Step 2. Refer to our example of a behaviour management plan.
Step 3. Select and read the ebooklet that is relevant to your student’s needs. Highlight and copy  appropriate strategies to include in your plan.

Support all students with additional needs, not just those with disabilities

Step 1. Identify students with additional needs in your classroom, department, or whole school.
Step 2. Create a confidential database of identified students. For example,

John G. – Shy
Maya S. – Lacks confidence speaking

Thuy S. – Asperger’s syndrome
Michael T. – Worries excessively

Step 3. Read the Psych4Schools ebooklet relevant for each student’s needs and highlight appropriate strategies. Systematically introduce chosen strategies. Use Psych4Schools strategies to write individual education plans (IEPs) if required, or as teaching tips for working with particular students.

Step 4. Meet regularly to review identified students. Share and update strategies that are most useful.


Psychologists can make writing recommendations easier

Cut and paste key strategies from relevant Psych4Schools ebooklets to add to the recommendations section of your reports. Key Psych4Schools recommendations can be modified according to your professional judgement to better match the needs of the student. Alternatively, the appropriate ebooklet can be attached to your report.