Psych4Schools offers an expanding range of online resources that provide up-to-date practical advice and strategies for primary and junior secondary teachers, school leadership teams and other professionals in three key areas – working with children, parents and colleagues.

We provide support as you need it

Most classrooms have children who worry or concern their teacher. It is not reasonable to expect teachers or school leaders to be experts on the many childhood conditions, co-existing issues and family situations that impact on children and their learning.

Our Working with Children ebooklets link student wellbeing and management with teaching and learning by providing clear concise information and practical teaching strategies to assist you to appropriately address individual needs.

Working with Parents and Working with Colleagues ebooklets suggest effective communication techniques to help you engage and work with adults more effectively.

Our resources are built on evidence-based learning and have been reviewed and trialled by teachers, principals, leadership teams, psychologists and other professionals in diverse school settings. They draw together more than 40 years combined experience working with teachers, children and their parents.

Meet the team

  • Murray Evely
    Psychologist/Guidance Officer and Co-Founder of Psych4Schools
    Dip.Tch. (Prim.), Grad.Dip.Ed.Stud (Rdg.), BA (Hons), MAPS

    Murray has extensive experience as a teacher-trained psychologist providing practical resources and advice to principals, teachers and school communities. He has been a Victorian Department of Education Student Support Services Team Leader and a Regional Psychology Stream Leader. He consults privately to schools on a weekly basis and works one day a week for the Australian Psychological Society as a Professional Advisor.

    Murray has worked in a number of specialised school settings. His expert wellbeing knowledge has identified student needs in disadvantaged schools as well as schools in higher socio-economic areas. He regularly consults with and presents programs for varied audiences.

    Murray also conducts a part-time private practice and for many years consulted with two private hospitals in Melbourne.

  • Zoe Ganim
    Psychologist and Co-Founder of Psych4Schools (exited Psych4Schools Dec 2018)
    BA, BSSc(Hons)(Psych), MEdPsych, MAPS

    Zoe is a psychologist who has predominantly worked in a range of school settings with children, adolescents, parents, teachers and staff.

    She has worked also a psychologist in university and hospital settings, the corporate sector and various non-profit organisations in Australia and the USA, including the Reach Foundation, Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria, Lifeline and Larkin St Youth Services.

    Zoe’s research has been published in The Australian Educational and Developmental Psychologist,Human Psychiatry and Human Development, and Behavioural Science, and presented at conferences in the USA and New Zealand and schools and universities in Australia.

    Zoe exited Psych4Schools in December 2018.