Autism Spectrum Disorder



This ebooklet provides an overview of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a wide range of strategies teachers and other professionals can use to assist the autistic child in the classroom and at school.

This ebooklet is designed to help support students in Foundation to Year 8.

  • Promote inclusive teaching and learning
  • Identify pathways to learning
  • Create a safe autism-friendly learning environment
  • Start and finish the day well
  • Seating in learning areas
  • Special interests
  • Strength-based approach to teaching
  • Micro transitions and breaks
  • Off-task or disruptive behaviour
  • Learning tools to assist self-regulation and on-task behaviour
  • Safe, predictable lunch and recess times
  • Build the child’s feelings of connectedness to the school
  • Establish realistic, flexible expectations
  • Teach social thinking skills
  • Social skills and reasonable expectations
  • Skills for specific contexts
  • Build a focus on teaching and learning
  • Verbal communication with the child
  • Visual communication with the child
  • Writing and literacy skills
  • Homework and tests
  • Games, sports and physical education
  • De-escalate distress and manage any dangerous stimming
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Final thoughts
  • Resources