Children who call out



This ebooklet provides a brief overview of children who call out. It provides and a wide range of strategies teachers and other professionals can use to help prevent and reduce calling out behaviours and lessen its impact on teaching and learning.

This ebooklet is designed to help support students in Foundation to Year 8.

  • Strategies to support the child who calls out
  • Professional and interpersonal skills
  • Build professional respect
  • Know how you present
  • Classroom management, rules and expectations
  • Cater for diverse student needs
  • Teach students how to behave and uphold rules
  • Teach students good manners, patience and how to interrupt acceptably
  • Teacher/student relationships and learning
  • Know how to settle students
  • Use conversational skills to engage with students
  • Consistently build trust, relationships and interest in learning
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Build a repertoire of communication skills
  • Use a range of inclusive questioning strategies
  • Determine the likely source of chronic calling out
  • What to do if you find it difficult to like a particular child
  • Final thoughts
  • Resources