New release: Working with children with serious or chronic medical conditions ebooklet

May 5, 2016

There are about 200 serious or chronic health conditions affecting Australian children and adolescents. A health condition that lasts three or more months, affects a child’s daily living, requires frequent hospitalisation, extra home care, and/or extensive medical care and treatment nationwide.[1] Mokkink, L. B., van der Lee, J. H., Grootenhuis, M. A., Offringa, M., Heymans, H. S., Dutch National Consensus Committee ‘Chronic Diseases and … Continue reading is generally considered to be a serious or chronic condition.

Currently, tens of thousands of students each year face short-term and long-term disadvantage because they miss school as a result of significant illness or injury. [2] MissingSchool 2015 – ‘Full report: School connection for seriously sick kids: who are they, how do we know what works, and whose job is it?’ … Continue reading Schools are well placed to offer support to the child, their family and the school community.

This ebooklet provides a brief overview of issues that can arise for students with learning issues and a wide range of strategies teachers and other school professionals can use to assist the child in the classroom.  Strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and the recommendations section of psychologist’s reports.
These strategies are designed for use with students in primary and junior secondary schools.
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