NEW RELEASE: Difficulty making friends ebooklet

May 28, 2018

Friendship offers opportunities for sharing, learning, fun, excitement, self-disclosure, support, advice and long-term relationships. For many children, making and keeping friends is quite effortless, but for some it is a challenge. Sadly, about one in ten school-age children have no friends and are disliked by most of their classmates.[1] Asher, S.R., and Williams, G.A., (1996) Children without friends, Part 1: Their problems, research for the National Network for Child Care’s … Continue reading  This ebooklet outlines some critical aspects of friendship, and strategies to support the child who has friendship difficulties.

This ebooklet contains content that will raise your general awareness about assisting children and adolescents who have difficulty making and keeping friends. This will assist you to fine-tune and select appropriate strategies for individual children and specific situations. Strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and the recommendations section of psychologist’s reports.

These strategies are designed for use with students in primary and junior secondary schools.
students with friendships issuesThe ebooklet includes recommendations for how to help:
  • Build social inclusion
  • Classroom and group organisation
  • Lunch and break times
  • Playground support plans
  • Explicitly teach social skills
  • When there is a social issue
  • Use conflict resolution when there are issues within a group
    • Basic conflict resolution steps
  • Work with the child’s parents
  • When the child is new to the school
  • Toxic friendships/frenemies
  • Children who require additional friendship assistance

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