NEW RELEASE: Working with children who are shy (revised) ebooklet

March 15, 2017

Feeling shy can be a normal part of a child or young person’s life, especially when new people or situations are encountered. However, shyness becomes a concern when it occurs in most situations and interactions, and interferes with relationships and schoolwork, or if the child is frequently nervous, socially anxious or withdrawn.

shy children in schools
Ebooklet to assist teachers to work with shy students

The revised ebooklet includes information about how to:

  • identify the shy child
  • why the child might be shy
  • when shyness may be a problem, and
  • when to seek further assistance.

The ebooklet includes recommendations for how to help:

  • General strategies
  • Liaise with parents
  • Build communication confidence
  • Assist learning of social skills
  • Building confidence ladder for the younger child
  • Strategies for the older child
  • Building confidence ladder for an older child

Click on the link to read an excerpt of the Working with children who are shy (revised) ebooklet.

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