Fears life-threatening events (new edition)



This ebooklet provides an overview of fears related to life-threatening local, national or global events, such as climate change, bushfires, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, war, shootings, terrorism or pandemics, now or in the future, which can threaten our sense of safety and control. Excessive worry can have a negative impact on children as well as adults. The ebooklet provides a wide range of strategies teachers and other school professionals can use to assist the child learning at school or remotely. Relevant strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and in the recommendations section of psychologists’ reports.

These strategies are designed for use with students in primary and junior secondary schools.

  • Acknowledge the child’s concerns
  • Provide perspective
  • Build a sense of safety
  • Promote a sense of connection
  • Provide a sense of control
  • Help the child to understand and cope with their feelings
  • Teach relaxation techniques
  • Increase understanding and valuing of diverse cultures
  • Communicate with parents
  • Plan the return to school after a lockdown or school closure
  • Make reasonable adjustments for affected students
  • Look after yourself