The ebooklet includes recommendations for how to help:

  • Assist the child diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
  • Build resilience skills
    • Promote help-seeking behaviour
    • Use supportive talk to reduce anxiety
    • Teach the child to cope
    • Work with the child’s parents
  • General teaching practice and school environment
    • Provide a safe, consistent school environment
    • Strengthen working relationships
    • Establish a supportive ‘can do’ attitude in your classroom
  • Specific situations
    • Assessment, test anxiety and homework
    • Answering questions aloud in class
    • Preparing for school camps
    • School refusal
    • Anxiety and serious medical conditions
    • Mathematics anxiety
    • Gifted children
    • Anxiety and learning disability
  • Resources
  • Appendix1: Overview of children more vulnerable to anxiety
  • Appendix 2: Common ways anxiety can present in children

Product Description

This ebooklet provides a brief overview of anxiety and a wide range of strategies teachers and other school professionals can use to assist children with anxiety in the classroom.  Strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and the recommendations section of psychologist’s reports.

These strategies are designed for use with students in primary and junior secondary schools.

Additional Information