Learning difficulties the questions teachers ask

Yesterday 160 teachers, psychologists and other school professionals in NSW gave up their afternoon to attend our Five common learning difficulties: Key teaching strategies presentation. The two hour presentation, hosted by Braddock Public School, was jam-packed with the six key teaching strategies for learning difficulties, followed by specific recommendations for the learning disabilities associated with […]

Apps for learning difficulties

I recently attended a professional learning seminar with Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA) that focused on apps for students with learning difficulties. During the presentation a teacher helped set the speech function on my iphone. The directions were simple, ‘Go to settings, general, accessibility, speech selection ‘on’, highlight words.’ Now using the microphone next to the […]

Are you preparing for the school year ahead?

Yes, you are busy but a little bit of time and effort preparing for the year ahead can reduce a lot of hassles and stress in the new year. Spend some time in your end of year staff, or department meeting discussing, in small groups, the main student and parent issues that occurred this year […]

Use trust and learning to promote student wellbeing

Many teachers spend the first few weeks of the school year establishing social and behavioural expectations. School values, class rules and routines, personal and playground safety, bullying, protective behaviours and cyber-safety agreements coupled with various thinking tools are some of the key areas explored. It is a busy time of the year, as teachers begin […]